Declare Your Minor: Campus Confessions from a Better than Average Joe"
In this enlightening, engaging, and optimistic presentation, “Better than Average Joe,” Todd Brockdorf, challenges students to use the amazing college experience to build a great life beyond simply making a living. Filled with humor, wisdom and powerful stories, Todd demonstrates how to embrace the collegiate opportunity, while showing students that there is more to college than simply going to class, doing homework, getting drunk, and sleeping in.

In this remarkable presentation, students will learn how to:

  • Explore the exciting college opportunities beyond their “major”
  • Make the most of the awesome gift of a collegiate experience
  • Separate the Have To’s from the Want To’s in their life
  • “Find your thing” so that you can truly excel doing what you love
  • Be a big fish in your own small pond so that everyone can feel like a “big deal.”

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